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Last update : June 24 2001

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    medium severity tasks

    • [code] Add categories for "Application Servers", "EAI solutions", "IRM solutions" in addition to the "Open Source Software" one.
    • [code] Add a star ranking system on frameworks/products and allow comments to be posted (a la TheServerSide).
    • [code] Allow user registration so that users can create their own page with their list of softwares to monitor.
    • [code] Add the possibility for registered users to receive notification emails when one of their chosen software has an update.
    • [code] Create and propose a publication DTD. Advertise it on the web site and try it first on Apache Jakarta (i.e. try to convince them to have an XML page listing all software releases)
    • [code] Add Web Service access to information
    • [code] Add the following pieces of information to retrieve : nightly builds or beta, list of new features in the new release, URL to directly download the product/framework
    • [code] Improve the web site GUI to add a new framework/product. In the first versions it will be a regexp. In subsequent versions, it could be a nice looking DHTML version that allow to specify what to retrieve using the mouse only
    • [code] Display the number of downloads
    • [code] Upgrade to the Barracuda MVC framework
    • [code] Send an email to an administrator if a value cannot be extracted from a web page (which means the remote site has changed it's layout and we need to update the associated regexp)
    • [code] Add proxy support for URL connections
    • [code] Add better error handling

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